Parents #tell of #shock and #safety #fears after school #stabbing

A HAMPSHIRE school community is today coming to terms with a stabbing on the premises.

A teenage girl, believed to be 15 or 16, was last night being treated in hospital for a wound after being assaulted near the school hall.

Police rushed to Testwood School in Totton shortly after 11am following the incident. A 15-year-old boy was later arrested.

News of the incident, spread by social media, shocked parents.

Angela Augustine, mother of Alastair McChrystal told the Echo: “I’m worried because my son is there, and he messaged me to say he felt sick. I hope the child’s alright.

“My son has got his GCSEs coming up. He is shaken by it. I am too.

“It’s one thing a fight happening, you expect that, but for a 15/16-year-old going in with a knife it makes you think, as a parent, is my child safe at the school?”

Another concerned mother, Emma Lawson, mother of Ruby, had driven to the school to check on her daughter and was talking to her over the phone.

Ruby told her mum the boy had bumped into her that morning and that he appeared to be in a bad mood as he was late.

Ms Lawson said: “Ruby said she saw him stab the girl in the chest during a break.”

She told the Echo by the gates: “I’m shocked. I’m here just in case Ruby needs to be picked up.”

Relatives of a pupil said they saw the arrest of a young male close to the school.

The mother sent her daughter into the school to check her brother was okay, in reception she said she saw a girl who was disturbed and was waiting on her parent to collect her from school.

A year 7 pupil, interviewed with permission of his grandfather, told the Echo that after the incident his classroom had been locked by a teacher. That the buildings were locked down was denied by the school last night.

He said he saw the section where the incident happened get taped off during break-time, but he didn’t know why this was until he was told by a teacher at the beginning of third period.

It was in class when he heard the victim was the ex-girlfriend of the pupil believed to have committed the offence.

He said that a teacher was going into each classroom to tell pupils that armed police would be walking through the school. He said the teacher came back to update the children that the boy had been caught and the girl was alright around mid-day.

The boy said: “We were all worried until we were told they had caught the boy and the girl was alright.”

A police spokeswoman said: “A female student had been assaulted and suffered a puncture wound to her abdomen. The injury is not considered life-threatening and she is being treated in hospital. Officers are on scene carrying out enquiries.”

In a statement last night, Jenny Pitman, headteacher, said: “There was an incident at school this morning involving two of our students. Staff responded quickly and the police were called.

“It is now a police matter and we are working with the police as appropriate.

“One of the students sustained an injury which, thankfully, I am advised is not life-threatening.

“We wish her a speedy recovery.

“We would like to thank all of the parents and guardians for their support of the students and staff today.”

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