Parents voice safety concerns after large fight at East Allegheny HS

Parents filled the room to voice their concern for their children’s safety after a large fight broke out last Friday at East Allegheny High School in North Versailles.

Several parents told the school board that how they handled the fight was not acceptable and said the school isn’t safe.

“I shouldn’t be hearing from teachers that they are afraid to come to school. I shouldn’t be hearing from students that they are petrified to come to school,” one parent told Channel 11’s Catherine Varnum.

Parents were not notified about the fight until Monday. Parents were about threats on social media saying that there would be a shooting at the school.

“Tomorrow there’s supposed to be a shooting at school, I see on Facebook. Is my kid safe to go to school tomorrow?” a parent said.

Parents are also questioning a photo that was given to the school board showing a security guard standing by watching the fight.

Three teachers and the principal attempted to break up the fight. One teacher injured his knee and was punched in the face several times.

Fourteen students were involved.

A pregnant teacher suffered a panic attack but was expected to be OK, the union president said.

None of the teachers were taken to the hospital.

The school was placed on lockdown until the fight was broken up.

School officials said the incident is still being investigated.

“I can assure those parents (we’ll) do everything we can do ensure safety in coming here,” Superintendent Donald L. Mac Fann said.