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JOLIET, IL — Five child sexual predators who have no ties to Joliet are continuing to adjust to their new surroundings at 1000 Cora Street, and their presence in the Cunningham Neighborhood continues to spark outrage from several political candidates in next Tuesday’s primaries.

On Thursday evening, Republican State Senate candidate Diane Harris from the 43rd District and Jim Lanham, a Republican candidate for state representative of District 86, stood on the sidewalk of 1000 Cora St. They called for more public attention to the property where five convicted child sexual predators are now living together inside the same building.

Lanham has dubbed the Joliet property the “pedophile palace.”

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“They’re making victims, victims again and making having new victims even easier,” Lanham said. “Their actual victims are the ones serving the actual life sentences.”

The Cora Street property is owned by a Lake Zurich company called NewDay Apartments. New Day focuses on finding affordable housing for convicted sex offenders who have finished serving their prison sentences at the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Find out what’s happening in Jolietwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

“Affordable Registrant Housing In Kane, Lake, Will, & Winnebago Counties, Illinois,” NewDay’s website proclaims. “NewDay Apartments specializes in providing housing to sex offenders required to register under 730 ILCS 150.”

In May, Joliet Patch was the first news agency in Illinois to break the news that NewDay had put five out-of-town men who committed sexual crimes against children into the same five-unit apartment building in Joliet’s Cunningham Neighborhood.

The apartment building is three blocks away from Joliet Public School District 86’s Cunningham Elementary School.

Richard Rheinschmidt lives at 1000 Cora St. in Joliet’s Cunningham neighborhood. Mugshot via Illinois State Police

On Thursday evening, Lanham told Joliet Patch he believes Joliet’s legal team of attorneys Chris Regis and Sabrina Spano will, in a matter of time, be successful in getting these five sexual predators removed from 1000 Cora St.

“I think so,” Lanham told Patch. “I think the city legal team is on top of it. I know, at least for sure, that the city is trying, and the same with the police. This police chief (Bill Evans) is trying.”

Lanham said that unless Illinois state lawmakers take a stand and speak out strongly against NewDay Apartments, more pedophile housing will be coming to Joliet and its neighboring communities.

Speaking hypothetically from outside 1000 Cora St., Lanham said, “There will be another one two blocks that way, and another one way two blocks the other way and a couple more in Crest Hill.”

“They’re cocky,” Lanham said. “They want to have them like franchises.”

As for the five child sexual predators currently living at 1000 Cora St., “they are not victims,” Lanham said. “I feel no pity for them. They’re (near) bus stops, kids’ playgrounds, schools, and they’re all predators. They did things that were extreme.”

Brian Angel lives at 1000 Cora St. in Joliet’s Cunningham neighborhood. Mugshot via Illinois State Police

Lanham said that stopping the expansion of the NewDay Apartments sex offender housing program into the Joliet area is a key component of his campaign. If he wins his GOP primary, Lanham would go against incumbent Larry Walsh Jr. of Elwood in November.

“While we’ve heard from politicians on a local and city level, where’s our state level legislators?” Lanham asked. “Meg Cappel? Natalie Manley? Larry Walsh Jr.? This is all due to a ruling on a state law. Why aren’t they saying anything? Larry Walsh seems to be too busy with groundbreakings and ribbon cuttings … but nothing on issues like this?”

Joliet Republican Diane Harris talks to Cunningham Neighborhood residents about the five child sexual predators living at 1000 Cora St. John Ferak/Patch

John Sheridan, president of Joliet’s Cunningham Neighborhood, said that these days, there’s an enormous amount of neighborhood pride in his area.

More and more new people moving into the older neighborhood are fixing up their homes and remodeling them, taking steps to improve the overall quality of life.

For Cunningham’s residents of all ages, races and ethnic backgrounds, NewDay Apartments is considered a tremendous detriment to the neighborhood, Sheridan said.

Joliet Patch asked if Sheridan anticipates the child sexual predator apartment building will be gone from his neighborhood, never to resurface.

“It won’t be quick,” Sheridan answered. “It’s going to take some time.”

Sheridan fears it is only a matter of time before one of the five men staying at 1000 Cora St. preys upon an unsuspecting Joliet child.

“When they have the urge, what are you going to do?” Sheridan asked.

Harris is running in Tuesday’s Republican primary against Michelle Lee.

If she wins, Harris goes against the Democratic primary winner between Rachel Ventura and Eric Mattson, in November’s general election.

“I would push back on any legislation that would support moving sex offenders this close to a school and neighborhood,” Harris remarked Thursday. “Especially, for kids walking to school, it’s just an uncomfortable feeling.

“The key is the taxpayers’ comfort zone is jeopardized, especially the parents with small children,” Harris said.

Arturo Arce was 44 and his victim was 13 when he committed predatory criminal sexual assault in Kane County. Now, Arce is living at 1000 Cora Street in Joliet. (Mugshot via Illinois State Police Sex Offender Registry )

Plainfield resident Stacey Keagle, Republican state senate candidate in the 49th District, called Joliet Patch saying she supports the efforts of Lanham and others to shut down the sex offender apartment building at 1000 Cora St.

“For far too long, Illinois elected officials have been given a pass and second chances to the pedophiles and the ones that violated our children in the name of social activism,” Keagle wrote Joliet Patch. ” As a Republican conservative, I will not follow these trends. Instead, as your next state senator, I will promote stricter penalties for those that violate our laws and exploit our children.”

Stacey Keagle is a Republican state senate candidate in the 49th District. Image via Keagle campaign

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