Penn & Teller: Bullshit – Season 6 – Ep 67: Stranger Danger

Argues that a culture of fear has produced an excessive concern for child safety. Points out that children are usually harmed by people they already know qui…


21 thoughts on “Penn & Teller: Bullshit – Season 6 – Ep 67: Stranger Danger

  1. Sinclairelim

    I like how they touched that point.
    Stranger danger is completely off-course. Rapists and molesters are almost
    always people who are close to the child: teachers, priests, uncles,
    friends of the family, cousins, etc. And they always go after vulnerable
    children: they stalk them for a while and only get their hopes up when they
    see the child is not being payed enough attention, because otherwise they
    know they’ll get caught. However, since you cannot be distrustful of all
    authorities and friends (that would teach your child to become paranoid)
    the best way to protect children is to pay attention to hm/her. If the
    child doesn’t act vulnerable, he/she is not a target.

    That’s not me speaking btw, that’s from a conference given by Hilda
    Malchiori, PhD, a particularly famous victimologist in south and central

    Of course, telling your child not to talk to strangers and to always tell
    their parents when there’s something they don’t like or someone they don’t
    like is never harmful. You just need not to be paranoid about it.

  2. killer13324

    17:55 death row in california? that’s a life sentence the bleedin hearts
    will never kill him.

  3. Paul M

    Moy mom would shoo us out of the house after lunch, with a “Be back in time
    for supper”. Kids need to have freedom to become confident adults, and the
    current fear mindset destroys that confidence.

  4. matt w

    I’ve read a study that you’re more likely to get murdered, raped/molested,
    stolen from etc by family and friends then you are from strangers. 

  5. SirChubbyBunny

    Stranger Danger is out of control. When I was a kid, my parents made me
    think there were predators on every corner in the neighborhood when I’d go
    to my friends’ places around the block. It’s no wonder why I’m a paranoid
    agoraphobic myself.

    Parents, we get your concern, but don’t force it on us and turn us into
    basket cases who are afraid getting the mail will result in us being
    abducted by a serial rapist. I probably sound crazy, but it’s what happens
    when you walk home from a friend’s place as a teenager and you get lectured
    that you could have been kidnapped, raped or shot.

    Kids need freedom to spread their wings and see the world, not get the shit
    scared out of them.

  6. tank rollins

    this is because the SYSTEM/LAW ENFORCEMENT have the head sooo far up their
    ASS they can see DAYLIGHT at the other end….

  7. Stanislav Borisov

    Oh fuck, I heard “predator”, Chris fuckin’ Hansen is probably arond the
    corner with a chair……I am out of here.

  8. NotTheSauce

    Nobody mentions the thing about how if you’re never allowed out on your
    own, you never develop the skills to fend for yourself – how to tell if
    somebody’s trouble, how to get yourself out of uncomfortable situations,
    etc. That’s a pretty big part of becoming an adult…

  9. Morec0

    Well, in the defense of the “stranger danger” people, even a 1% chance is
    STILL a chance, and when it can be someone as precious as the life of your
    child on the line that idea of something happening to them can make someone
    terrified enough to shelter them. Is it wise? No, but I’m not sure I could
    wholeheartedly advocate the polar opposite either. Consider me on the fence
    for this one.

  10. XmdogmX

    man I gave so little fucks about stranger danger when I was a kid. Haha
    when my parents used to take me out to eat at restaurants, I would get up
    part way through the evening and go sit with a totally different family.

  11. MrAgnostic

    you have to let kids have a bit of freedom. Either that or they will sneak
    it. Id rather know what my child is up to.