Peoria Board of Education approves firearm security policy for designated schools | #Education

PEORIA (WEEK) — Select high schools in Peoria Public Schools District 150 will have a new policy regarding the arming and deployment of security personnel. The Peoria Board of Education approved the policy during Monday’s meeting.

The 5-2 decision will affect Richwoods High School, Manual Academy, Peoria High School, and Woodruff Career and Technical Center.

Previously, Peoria Police Department officers served as armed security. The new measure would train PPS security personnel to carry weapons and also save what was an annual cost of $200,000.

Doug Shaw, President of the Peoria Board of Education, favored the precautionary and protective move.

“In the unlikely event that somebody enters the building with them to do harm, I want them to be able to respond to that threat without hesitation but I don’t want them to tie the hands of security when our students and staff are at stake,” said Shaw.

Additionally, Gregory Wilson, Vice President of the Peoria Board of Education, mentioned the discussion of expanding to other district schools is on the table.

However, the board wants to focus on the model with the designated schools for now.

“I think the plan is to do that down the road in the near future. I wouldn’t want to do that with all schools without seeing first how this works in our high schools,” said Wilson.

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