Phuket school douses fears of student gang fight brewing | #students | #parents

PHUKET: The principal of a large school in Phuket Town has moved to assure the public that a fight between two junior high school students from different schools had not ballooned out of control into conflict between two student gangs.

The two junior high school students have apparently resolved their differences, the Plukpanya School principal said. Screenshot: Eakkapop Thongtub

Concerns were raised among local residents after a video of the fight was posted on social media.

Wisa Jaranchawanapet, Principal of Plukpanya Municipal School, located on Satun Rd in Phuket Town, yesterday (April 1) explained that the fight occurred at about 3:30pm on Mar 30, some 150 metres from  Plukpanya School.

A junior high school student from Plukpanya had arrived at the scene with friends and was confronted by a student of similar age out of uniform from another school, Ms Wisa said.

The student from another school had also arrived with his own friends, she noted.

The video shows the boy out of uniform punching the boy from Plukpanya repeatedly in the face, Ms Wisa noted.

Satisfied he had accomplished delivering his message, the boy out of uniform and his friends left in the direction of Mae Luan Rd, she added.

The two boys had an ongoing conflict for some time, and had arranged to meet to resolve their differences, Ms Wisa said, noting that it did not end well.

“The parents of both boys did not file a complaint to the police. They have already talked and come to an understanding,” she added.

The two students have since texted apologies to each other and have signed agreements to no longer continue their conflict, she added.

“For the two students, the schools [involved] will continue to monitor their behaviour,” Ms Wisa said.

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