Police aim to keep trick-or-treaters safe from sex offenders

“Individuals that are registered sex offenders or have historical sex offense convictions”, Perkofski explained.

On the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation website, an interactive map lets users search and see exactly who a sex offender is, what their charge is and exactly where they reside. In fact, police say they’re all across the valley.

A few – including parts of Virginia, Georgia, Delaware and Texas – require sex offenders on probation or parole report to designated locations.

When registering or signing up for free automatic notifications, the alerts are done in real time and sent out via email as soon as a new offender has registered with the Grant County Sheriff’s Office.

According the United States Department of Justice, 80% of all addresses have at least one sex offender living within one mile.

If you don’t want your child to trick or treat at a registered sex offender’s house in Kansas, then you’re going to have to do a little research first.

The initiative includes detectives visiting the homes of registered sex offenders and conducting random surveillance to ensure compliance with state and local laws, the release said.

Rozek seeks to advocate for fact-based legislation governing the treatment of those who have sexually offended and works with RSOL to try to earn them a warranted second chance.

The Houston Police Department has stepped up sex offender checks in advance of Halloween.

“It’s a target-rich environment for kids so we’ll be tracking sex offenders – especially pedophiles, child sex offenders”, said Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

“There should be no doubt in a parents mind that if you’ve committed that crime, they should be aware of that”, Wiles said.

“Sex offender is a pretty broad term. That’s fine”, Tolbert said. Still, being held in custody because costumed children are walking the streets asking for candy strikes him as absurd. “They’re not allowed to give out candy”. If that’s not possible, McKinley suggests taking a flashlight with you.

“They ignore the real dangers children face”,  said Elizabeth Letourneau, an associate professor with the university’s Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Source: http://www.tjcnewspaper.com/police-aim-to-keep-trick-or-treaters-safe-from-sex-offenders-63337/