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Police arrest 8 in child pornography raid

Swedish police have arrested eight men on suspicion of possession and distribution of child pornography, prosecutors said on Friday.

Prosecutor Reena Devgun said: “four of the suspects are to face custody hearings for the suspected crimes, and one is suspected of raping a minor.

“One man has been released after questioning”.

He said that police also secured telephone records as part of the probe.

“The probe could swell since other suspects have been identified as they called a joint telephone number that police were able to monitor.

“They discussed aggravated sexual assaults and aggravated violence against children,’’ Devgun added.

Police raided several locations in central Sweden on Wednesday and Thursday to secure evidence.

It noted that the probe began in 2016 and the suspects were men aged 50 to 70.

One of the suspects has a previous conviction of assaulting young boys and was released from a psychiatric unit in 2015.


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