Police arrest alleged child predator

An alleged child predator was arrested after a several month investigation by police.

Police arrested Adam Rohrer, 32, of Saginaw, on Nov. 30.

Rohrer faces six felony charges and two misdemeanor charges include two counts of children accosting for immoral purposes, four counts of stalking a minor, and two counts of attempting to commit a crime.

The crimes allegedly occurred between February and November 2015 and involve eight victims between 10 and 16 years old in Saginaw, Carrollton and Saginaw Townships, police said.

The victims used safety precautions when they were approached by the suspect, which prevented them from being abducted, said Saginaw Police Det. Roger Pate.

“They did was was right. They stepped forward. They didn’t approach him,” Pate said. “They didn’t talk to him. They distanced themselves. Yet, they were still able to photograph the car. That way, they had this as a record to help identify him.”

This was a joint investigation between the Saginaw Police Department and the Carrollton Township Police Department.

In March police warned the Carrollton School District about a stranger danger incident involving a white male offering candy to students.

Rohrer will be back in court on Dec. 16.


Source: http://www.wnem.com/story/30668418/police-arrest-alleged-child-predator