Police Arrest Student In Scioto School Shooting

A student brought a gun to his OH high school on Friday (Sep 8) and began shooting, but the quick actions of a school employee prevented bloodshed.

Students and staff were reportedly evacuated while the police arrested the suspect, Colombus Ohio Police said.

Police in Columbus, the USA state’s capital, accused 18-year-old Adan Abdullahi of firing a gun inside Schioto High School on Friday morning – sparking multiple calls of an “active shooter”.

Police had warned people to stay away from the area near the Columbus Scioto school Friday morning. The suspect is being questioned to at CPD headquarters.

No one was injured in the incident.

Authorities identified the suspect as 18-year-old Adan Abdullahi. “They just pat us down everywhere to make sure there’s nothing on us”. “Ian’s been to a lot of schools but for the things that he deals with Columbus Scioto is the most safe and trusted”, Addis said.
First call@8:33AM. Arrest@8:58 AM.
“SWAT made an arrest, gun taken, no injuries”, the Columbus Police Department tweeted.
“Excellent job by our officers!” tweeted Columbus Police.