Police corner abductors, bust grand ransom plans | #childabductors

They traced call records, cornered a plotter, went in hot pursuit to rescue 11-yr-old

Acting swiftly, the city police rescued an 11-year-old boy unharmed from his abductors in Tumakuru on Friday after he was kidnapped on Thursday evening from Bharathinagar in east Bengaluru. Six accused have been arrested and one of them was shot on his leg as he tried to attack the police and escape.
The six accused had hatched a plan and abducted the boy in an attempt to extort a ransom of Rs. 2 crore from his father, who runs a garment store in Bharathinagar, the police said. The police team had to open fire at the main accused, Mohammed Zain, who tried to escape from a house in Shampura where the police surrounded him on Friday night.

The boy was reunited with his family in the presence of the city police commissioner Kamal Pant on Saturday. The other arrested are Fahim, Muzammil, Faizan, Shaheed and Khaleel. The accused live near the businessman’s house in Shivajinagar, the police said.

The plot
Deputy Commissioner of Police (East Division) SD Sharanappa said Zain, a resident of Shivajinagar, was a regular visitor at the garment showroom in Bharatinagar. “He hatched a plot of kidnap and roped in his friends and decided to abduct the owner’s youngest son for a huge ransom,” Sharanappa said.

For roughly a month, the gang of six kept a watch on the movements of the businessman and his family members. They watched his house and shop and learnt about all the family’s routines.

On August 27, Zain approached the boy as he was alone outside his house and lured him with a promise of buying him kites. “Zain knew that the boy was fascinated with kite flying, and he readily agreed to accompany him,” said Sharanappa. Zain took the boy to his car and offered him a cold drink laced with sedatives. He took the boy and drove to the outskirts and asked his friends to take over. They drove the boy to a house in Tumakuru while Zain came back to Shampura and again kept a watch on the businessman’s movements, the police said. The accused also dropped a note at the businessman’s shop stating that they had kidnapped his son and they demanded a ransom of Rs 2 crore for his safe release. The harried businessman approached the police and narrated his ordeal.


On Thursday evening, a special team led by ACP Tabarak Fathima tracked down one of the abductors and detained three of his friends in the city to learn about their movements. Another team led by police inspector Sirajuddin tracked down the others using call record details and traced their car to Tumakuru. A team that reached the house in Tumakuru where the boy was confined, learnt that the accused had been alerted and had begun travelling with the boy in a car. The police spotted the car and went on a hot pursuit for 15 kilometres during which the abductors’ car driver lost control and met with an accident. The boy was rescued unharmed from the vehicle. They then tracked Zain down to a house in Shampura.

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