Police Expecting Increase in Juvenile Crime Once Summer Starts

7889569_GPERMIAN BASIN – School is almost out for the summer and police are expecting a spike in juvenile crime. To help prevent these juvenile crimes, police are encouraging parents to get their kids involved to keep them on the right track.

Cpl. Steve LeSueur, with the Odessa Police Department, said, “Every year during those summer months when school’s out, we do see an increase in drug activity and criminal activity among juveniles.”

One way local law enforcement tries to deter juvenile crime is by implementing a curfew.

“Curfew is one of the most important things and it’s important that parents are mindful of that. Not only can the child be cited but the parent can be cited as well if they knew that their child was violating those curfew hours,” said LeSueur.

Odessa Police say the best thing parents can do is find a way to keep their kids involved over the summer.

“It’s important to keep them busy whether it’s some sort of a sport activity or some other hobby, otherwise, unfortunately they can sometimes get involved in criminal activity,” said LeSueur.

The Permian Basin Workforce Solutions offer multiple resources so that students can find out how to join camps, organizations and even get prepared for college over the summer.

Remelle Farrar, Project Director for the Permian Basin Workforce Solutions, said, “During the summer, especially for younger teenagers that have trouble finding jobs is to volunteer or find community service this summer because it’s such a good way to build your resume. Whether your looking to build that resume to get into college or for financial aid in college or as a way to have some experience already the first time you apply for a job.”

Aside from camps and organizations, Workforce Solutions can also help students find paying jobs to help them make a little extra cash over the summer.

“There’s really no excuse, no reason to tell your parents you’re bored or to get into trouble this summer, there’s just lots of opportunities,” said Farrar.

For more information on how to get your kids involved this summer, you can visit the Permian Basin Workforce Solutions online at www.workforcepb.com.

Source: News West 9