Police investigate shooting in parking lot of Wisconsin Lutheran High School

Milwaukee police are investigating a  double shooting that occurred in the parking lot of Wisconsin Lutheran High School on N. Glenview Avenue Thursday night, January 15th.

It happened around 7:30 p.m.

According to police, an altercation occurred between two female students at a basketball game  — one from Wisconsin Lutheran H.S.  and one from another school.  While they were escorted out at different times, they met up in the parking lot, where a fight ensued between the females and others, to include at least one parent.

At one point the father of one of the female students pulled out a firearm and shot a 15-year-old male from Milwaukee. He received a non-life threatening wound and was transported by family to a local hospital for treatment.

A teacher from Wisconsin Lutheran who was attempting to break up the fight received a graze wound from the bullet fired at the 15-year-old. He did not require treatment and remained at the scene.

The 15-year-old victim did not attend either of the schools playing the game.

Police say they have identified the adult actor who fired the shot and are actively seeking him at this time.

Wisconsin Lutheran High School released the following statement Thursday night following the incident: 

Following an altercation that broke out after the boys basketball game, a 15 year-old boy, who is not a WLHS student, and a teacher from WLHS were injured in the parking lot when an adult family member drew a gun and fired it.  Luckily, neither was seriously injured.

Members of our supervision team and assistant principals quickly worked to de-escalate a situation between family members of one of our students and family members of a student from another school in Milwaukee following the game.  After violence ensued, police were called immediately and took charge of the situation.  We are cooperating fully with their investigation.

Our utmost concern is the safety of our students.  Planning is already taking place by the Leadership Team to conduct classes tomorrow (Friday, January 16) and to ensure the safety of our students in school tomorrow.   We take this situation very seriously, but we also believe that it is an isolated incident.  All WLHS families have been notified of the situation and we will work with them to answer any questions they may have.

Moving forward, we will review the safety policies regarding activities at school that are open to the public to ensure the safety of our students is top priority.  At WLHS, our core mission is vehemently opposed to violence, and we ask your prayers for our school in the days ahead as we work through this difficult situation.