Police Make Arrest In Connection With Attempted Abduction, Neighbors Breathe Sigh Of Relief | #childabductors

After nearly a month searching for a man accused of attempting to kidnap two girls in Mustang, OSBI has made an arrest. 

The OSBI tells News 9 that Alan Anderson-Himes was arrested on complaints of attempted kidnapping and lewd acts with a child on Friday. 

Neighbors said it felt like a weight was lifted. They hope families will start to feel safe letting their children play outside again. 

“It is a sigh a relief, it’s just unfortunate that there’s people out there like that and for it to happen on your block just doors down. It’s just terrible,” said Chaka Dotson, who lives on Elder Drive. 

The last four weeks have had residents of the Elder Drive neighborhood on high alert. Looking for any sign of the man accused of attempting to kidnap a child. 

“It was pretty upsetting because it’s so close usually when you hear about these things it’s in a different state or not in your neighborhood. My kids play with the other kids in the neighborhood,” said Obadiah Turk, who also lives on the block. 

OSBI aided Mustang police with the investigation. Together, they released a sketch last week and were able to locate 22-year-old Anderson-Himes on Friday. 

“Definitely a weight lifted as far as him being caught,” said Turk.  

Dotson added, “We wondered if maybe he was from somewhere else and didn’t live here and just came here for the opportunity.” 

“I see some of the girls, there’s more of them together playing or I’ll see the parents with them when they used to just go maybe from that stop sign to that one by themselves,” said Dotson. 

Anderson-Himes is in the Canadian County Jail, he was arrested on kidnapping and lewd acts with a child complaints. Anderson-Himes has no prior criminal charges in Oklahoma.  

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