Police: Omaha father cited after alleged child abuse, assault

Police are investigating a child abuse case that happened on Sunday shortly after 6:30 p.m. near the intersections of Meredith and North 45th Avenues.

According to Omaha police, Jock Pan, 44, was cited for misdemeanor child abuse and assault after allegedly causing harm to his daughter and niece.

Police reports say Pan called his daughter by two derogatory names because she attended a school sponsored dance on Saturday. Pan slapped the 14-year-old girl in her face when she argued back at him, reports say.

Pan’s niece was also at the residence at the time of the alleged attacks. Reports say both girls began striking Pan to get him out of the home, allegedly hitting him with a burn cover from the kitchen stove and a 3/4 inch socket wrench.

The daughter told police that Pan grabbed her by her head and began to twist it — causing neck pain. The niece told police that Pan squeezed her wrist and struck her in the forehead with the socket wrench — ending with bruising.

Both girls were able to get away, breaking a windshield and rear window of Pan’s car.

The niece was transferred to the hospital due to injuries she suffered from the socket wrench.

Police say Pan was not allowed to be at the home without the mother, according to the daughter.

Source: http://www.ketv.com/news/police-omaha-father-cited-after-alleged-child-abuse-assault/35282486