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Warning. This article contains content that may be triggering to some readers.

Surrey Police has shared an important video to help the public identify signs of possible child exploitation.

The video, which was shared on the Surrey Police Twitter and YouTube page, includes a series of TikTok-inspired videos.

The events happening in the foreground are all what we would expect to see on the video sharing app; a girl doing a viral dance, women celebrating a hen do at a hotel and friends pranking each other and more.

However, upon a closer look, there are startling signs of what could be child exploitation or abuse that many people would not initially identify.

The videos are compiled to resemble someone scrolling through their TikTok feed. The first clip focuses on two friends having lunch, the second shows a girl performing a dance. 

The third video directs attention to a mum cleaning up after the family’s pet dog has an accident on the kitchen floor. 

Subsequent clips include a bridal party arriving at a hotel, two builders trying to lift each other up, hotel cleaners emptying a bin in a room, a teenage girl surprising her friend at a chemist and a bridal party walking down a road by two parked cars.

The campaign video then takes a very serious turn, with an unsettling clip of a teenage boy in a hospital bed and a second alarming video of a young girl waiting for the result of a pregnancy test on her bathroom floor.

The campaign video shows possible signs of child exploitation to lookout for (Credit: Surrey Police)

The young boy and girl were actually featured in the background of all of the clips. The same series of clips play once again although this time the signs of child exploitation and abuse are highlighted in red.

It is implied that the young boy was being forced by an adult male to deal drugs while the young girl was being sexually abused by a much older adult male.

The ‘signs’ are in the background of each clip and they show the young girl buying a pregnancy test at the chemist, the young boy being forced into a parked car and dealing drugs and more.

In the background of the first clip of the friends eating lunch, the young boy can be seen in the background in a heated discussion with an adult male.

The ’sign’ in the dancing clip shows the young girl meeting an older boyfriend outside the school gates.

In the clip involving the hen party, the young girl and her much older boyfriend can be seen arriving at the hotel with bags containing alcohol.

The video was on Surrey Police's Twitter account and YouTube channel (Credit: Surrey Police)
The video was on Surrey Police’s Twitter account and YouTube channel (Credit: Surrey Police)

A spokesperson from Surrey Police tells Tyla: “Signs of child exploitation are all around us – we just have to know the warning signs to piece it together.

“Police forces rely on the community to report these signs, and they can often be the first piece of the puzzle which unravels into a far bigger picture. That’s why we’ve launched a campaign to target different areas of the community who may come into contact with exploited children, such as taxi drivers, fast food workers, hotel cleaners, pharmacists, waitresses, pupils and neighbours – the list is endless.”

For more information, please visit the Surrey Police website here.

For help and support, visit the NSPCC website here.

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