Positive Parenting: Safety during Trick or Treat | #parenting

(WYTV) – We are a week away from Halloween and kids we’ll be hitting the street for candy.

Many communities in our area have set trick or treat times for the evenings, but there are somethings that parents need to look out for.

Tis the season of ghost and ghouls. Spooky scary skeletons are about to make their way to house.

But while you’re getting those treats, don’t get tricked.

“If you’re going to be out at night, travel in groups. Don’t go anywhere by yourself,” said Ptl. Malik Mostella.

And while the goodies might seem yummy, always keep an eye out.

“Well, we’re go back to the old rule, make sure your parents inspect your candy,” said Mostella.

“As a parent, you aren’t touching that stuff until we make sure everything is okay,” Mostella continued.

Communicate with someone on where you are at and bring a little light when traveling in the dark.

“You can actually use your cell phone with your flash light to make sure people can see you while you’re walking,” Mostella said.

But if you want drive around to hit more houses, common driving rules apply.

“Don’t be on your phone, everybody is sitting where their supposed to be sitting. Don’t be jumping around inside the van just, normal precautionary stuff that you do when you drive,” finished Ptl. Mostella.

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