Pott. County Commissioners discuss status of Child Advocacy Center | #childabuse | #children | #kids

Pottawatomie County Commissioners, during Monday’s meeting, discussed the status of the Child Advocacy Center, including an idea that could temporarily suspend services while rebuilding the program to better serve children.

The Child Advocacy Center (CAC), which is operated by District Attorney Allan Grubb’s office, provides services to assist children in cases involving child abuse or child sexual abuse.

During the meeting, District 1 Commissioners Melissa Dennis gave a statement about the harassment she said she has faced from a resident who questions her intentions with improving the CAC.

Dennis explained for the last several months she has worked hard to better understand the proper function and standards the CAC should meet to properly assist the children of the county who need help.

“I have observed dysfunction, disorganization and chaos, therefore it is my opinion, after conversations with numerous staff and with the professional men and women who are involved, that this is not an environment in which the children of our county are receiving the best possible services,” Dennis read from a statement.

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