Powder-Snorting #High School #Teacher #Arrested After Getting #Busted by #Students

A teacher at Lake Central High School, in St. John, Ind. faces drug-related charges after allegedly being caught by students using drugs in her classroom.

On Tuesday morning a group of students were waiting to enter Samantha Cox’s English class at Lake Central High School, Indiana, when they noticed her fussing over what looked to be a white substance on a book.

Students also posted videos of the teacher they say show her engaging in suspicious behavior to social media.

Dyer Police Chief Dave Hein confirmed St. John police requested assistance from Dyer on Wednesday for their police K-9 that specializes in narcotics.

One parent said the news spread quickly through the halls of the high school.

Another video from social media appears to show Cox being escorted from the building by officers. Lake Central

Superintendent Larry Veracco declined to comment specifically on an arrest made at the school, saying only that “teachers are entitled to their due process rights”.

“Swift and forceful action was taken in conjunction with St. John and Dyer police departments”.

“Their actions showed a tremendous amount of fortitude and integrity and enabled staff to address this situation promptly”, the release stated.

He said safety “remains the top priority of our school staff”. Police arrived at the school and arrested MS Cox on charges of possessing a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.

The investigation is ongoing.