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Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children are just like your kids. But what is their secret to looking like everyone has it all together?

The Royal Family is well known throughout the world as being glamorous, controversial, and at the height of privilege. It may seem hard to believe, but when it comes to parenting, the royals are just like everyone else.

Prince William was raised in a palace with armed guards; his grandmother, the Queen of England; his father was to be king. So it may be hard to relate to him as a father, having the fortune of raising his own children under the same privilege. His wife, Kate Middleton, was not born into royalty, but she was raised by an upper-class family with many advantages. As ‘The Royals,’ they live a life that few others on this Earth ever will, but as parents, they have some very relatable rules and practices.

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William & Kate Insist on Date Night

Prince William and Kate
Credit: Instagram/@kensingtonroyal

Even royal parents need a night out to themselves. Kate has always been a hands-on mother, but every princess needs a night out with her prince. Kate and William may go to high-class gatherings, but they also take walks together and really try to spend time away from cameras and just enjoy each other

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Introducing Their Children to Charity

Like his mother, William is very involved in various charities, and it is important to both him and Kate that their children experience the same sense of responsibility in giving back. Prince William is heavily involved in various charities throughout the world, including much work in Africa, and spent some of his gap year caring for those who were poverty-stricken and those infected with AIDS.

Embrace Your Wild Side

While they are certainly not encouraged to take after their uncle Harry, George, Charlotte, and Louis are encouraged to be silly, messy, and crazy…also known as being a child. William and Kate don’t expect their kids to be perfect little royals all the time; in fact, they encourage their children to express their true nature, their silly side that makes them unique.

It’s Okay to Need Some Help

Kate Middleton has a close relationship with her parents, so it was a welcome escape to stay with her parents at their home for several weeks following the birth of George. Her mom helped her become accustomed to a new mom’s life, prepared meals, and did typical grandmother duty, doting on her new grandbaby. Even a future queen needs help from her mom.

Never Shout or Yell

This is sound advice for anyone. Kate and William never raise their voice to their children, nor do they use a time-out. Instead, according to the Sun, they use a ‘chat sofa’ where either Kate or William speaks to the child calmly about their naughty behavior. This seems to be great advice to follow for any parent.

Minimize Screen Time

Like many children, the Windsors have a limited amount of screen time, either watching television or on a tablet. The children spend a lot of time outdoors, exploring scenic hills and historic places throughout England and around the world.

Hugs are Very Important

It’s no secret that physical connection is vital to the development of any child. Kate is very loving toward her children and reminds them about the importance of a hug. Touch allows us to develop a stronger love for our children and offer comfort in their times of need, whether that be a skinned knee or their first heartbreak.

Connect on Their Level

Kate is always seen crouching down to her children’s level. She believes that by meeting their eye line, they will be less intimidated and feel more at ease from a young age. It encourages trust, so go down to their level or bring them up to yours. Towering over a child can make them feel smaller than they are, but approaching them on their level, makes them feel secure and heard.

Family Time Matters

Prince William sitting with all of his children
Via Instagram / @kensingtonroyal

Any child needs to have a support network of not only their immediate family but of their extended family as well. Kate and William insist on their children spending quality time with family, including cousins, and doing all of the fun kid stuff that comes with it. So whether they are attending a birthday party or rolling down a hill, it’s quality time that matters.

Pick Your Battles

According to the Duchess of Cambridge, some naughty faces deserve a laugh and a hug rather than reprimand. That is solid advice for any parent. Kids are learning to be on this Earth, mingling with others that they don’t necessarily like or want to be around. They are towed around wherever the adult says they may go, and it can be exhausting. So once in a while, give their efforts a wink rather than a time-out.

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