How to #protect your #children from #online sexual #predators

ALBANY, N.Y. — Those in the New York State Police say sexual predators have been using messaging apps to lure children for years. It’s nothing new, but investigators say it’s consistently becoming more common.

In the past few weeks, several Capital Region residents have either pleaded guilty or were arrested for using technology to access child pornography or to prey on minors.

Many apps, such as Kik, are free and don’t actually verify your age. That means that are readily available to both predators and children.

The state police has a few tips to keep your kids safe: Know your child’s passwords and let them know you may periodically check their phones. Check out the apps they’re downloading and look to see if they have chat features. Look at the security settings to see if you can limit who your child is talking to.

They also recommend keeping electronics from your children’s bedrooms.