Protecting Children From Cyber Crime This Summer

cyber-safetyAs school lets out for summer, cyber criminals are also out, targeting children.

The Columbus Branch of the Department of Homeland Security says they are three types of dangers they are watching out for:

– Child Predators

– Terrorism Recruiters: Extremist groups where they are looking for individuals searching for identity or purpose.

– Financial Exploiters/Scammers: People that are exploiting information online, financial information for financial benefits.

Federal agents say parents should talk with their children once a year to talk about responsibilities of being online, and also the dangers of being online. They also recommend families put down their devices and interact.

Homeland Security is launching its annual summer cyber safety campaign called Project iGuardian.

The department works with local schools and community centers to educate children about protecting themselves against cyber threats.

You can learn more about iGuardian here.

Source: WBNS-10TV