PSA Choking Game

This was a Teen Issues PSA video, it was a demonstration of what really occurs. It’s considered a game but the reality is that it is not.


9 thoughts on “PSA Choking Game

  1. Debbie LaRocque

    I agree with both Jonelle and Judy. I am also a parent that lost a child to
    this deadly game. My son was not depressed. He was a very happy child.
    Perhaps some children who have been depressed. But your PSA seems to state
    that kids that play this are depressed. While your attempt to create a PSA
    is to be commended… you really need to get all your facts straight first.
    So check our Erik’s Cause or This is not a humorous game like
    you and your friends make it out to be. Children die

  2. Jonelle Baaske

    Irene, I am not sure where you received your information about The Choking
    Game. But as a mother who lost her child to TCG and has done a large amount
    of research, I will tell you most kids who play TCG are not depressed. My
    daughter died from this awful game and she only played the game ONCE and
    she was far from depressed. Yes, you are right it is highly dangerous and
    should never be played. But your video also shows HOW to play as well as
    kids joking around.

  3. Judy Rogg

    Ditto with Jonelle Baaske (below). You should really research the subject
    before talking about it. Most kids who try it are not depressed –
    unfortunately most kids don’t know it can injure or kill them. And showing
    HOW to play it is NEVER a good thing. I suggest you do better homework
    before posting a PSA. If you’re curious to learn facts and report
    correctly, check out Erik’s Cause and get the facts right.

  4. Lavender Llama

    the choking game is real! no one should play this stupid game. when your
    getting choked the blood and oxegen cannot get to your head. this makes
    your brain cells die. you can NEVER get your brain cells back!and when you
    have less brain cells you become dumb. so basically all you are doing if
    your playing the choking game is A trying to make yourself stupid or B
    trying to KILL yourself. so please. think about the risks. don`t play the
    choking game…