Public Schools Force Kids Into Transgender Wars

Recent high-profile demands that schools let boys shower and pee right next to girls are having ripple effects in schools across the country as the transgender wars more militantly encompass young children.

Princeton Public Schools in New Jersey are planning to punish teachers who repeatedly refer to a transgender student with pronouns that correspond with biological reality. The American Civil Liberties Union is threatening schools across Missouri that are responding to the case of Lila Perry by requiring children to either use a unisex bathroom or the one that corresponds to their biological sex. Perry is a 17-year-old boy who wants to expose his male genitalia to girls in a school locker room and bePROTECTED by law because he says he is a girl.

State officials inNORTH Carolina and Virginia are defending in federal court a local school board’s policy requiring children to use private bathrooms and locker rooms if they don’t want to use the facilities designated for their biological sex. And parents in Wisconsin seem to have won a temporary reprieve from having their grade-schoolers read the gender-confused missive “I Am Jazz” to “help” children understand a classmate who insists he has a “girl brain and a boy body.”

The Obama administration has made it clear it will put the weight of the federal government behind the aggressors in these conflicts by recently threatening to yankFUNDS from Virginia and Illinois public schools that asked biological boys to dress and shower privately or in the boy’s facilities instead of next to girls.

We Will Only Accommodate People Who Agree with Us

School districts are now being told to accommodate transgender students by allowing simultaneous, unfettered access for gender-nonconforming boys to the showers, bathrooms, and dressing rooms occupied by girls, or lose their substantial federalFUNDING.