Public speaks out about safety at Legacy Freshman High School | #students | #parents

A number of comments during the public comment period at Monday’s MISD board meeting mentioned a lack of security and safety at Legacy Freshman School.

The comments included student fighting, assaults to students and staff and an increased number of physical confrontations. A mob mentality was described, including an incident that took place on Nov. 12 when an alleged fight spilled out of the school and into the streets.

The feeling, according to a teacher at Legacy, was “what happens when they figure out they outnumber us.”

A mother of a Legacy Freshman student told the board her son was assaulted in a bathroom when other Legacy Freshman students broke off a piece of a sink and heaved it over a stall door, injuring her son to the point that he missed his last football game and couldn’t take part in basketball tryouts.

Midland ISD officials responded later in the week to the pleas for safety and security and to the end of the “Snap Chat fights” taking place on campus. According to a different speaker, the year started out with a fight before the first period on the first day of school. Another teacher said the number of total fights has surpassed more than 40 this year.

Charles Garcia, associate superintendent for the district, told the Reporter-Telegram later in the week that the district always takes seriously reports of physical altercations and student misbehavior.

“We have been monitoring the situation,” Garcia said of the reports of fights and the comments made during the Midland ISD meeting.

Garcia said district leaders “listened” and “responded,” “just like we would any campus.” He said security has been stepped up, including additional “officer” support.

“We will continue to be visible at this campus as much as possible,” Garcia said.

On Friday, Superintendent Angelica Ramsey wrote in her weekly report to parents and staff that she reiterated her “commitment to safe and supportive learning environments in MISD.”

“Every student deserves to go to school in a welcoming and secure environment,” she wrote.

She added that the following steps are being taken across the district to support safety and security:

• Installation of access control technology at Midland Freshman, Goddard Junior High, Coleman High School, San Jacinto Junior High, Alamo Junior High. This adds to access control systems already in place at the rest of our campuses.

• Hiring of additional MISD Police Department personnel.

• Increased presence of District Service Center staff as hall monitors and campus administrative support as needed.

When asked if some students had been impacted by not being on campus because of the COVID pandemic, Garcia said it would be nice to have upperclassmen on campus to help set a “standard” but there is “no excuse” for not having a safe environment and the district will address concerns and “build the framework to establish a good, character-building environment for kids.”

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