Purdue University Shooting Update: Cody Cousins Pleads Guilty, Expected to Use Mental Illness Argument at Sentencing


Cody Cousins, a 24-year-old former Purdue University student, has pled guilty to murder stemming from his shooting and stabbing of a teaching assistant at the school’s Electrical Engineering Building.

According to the Lafayette Journal and Courier, Cousins admitted at a hearing last week to shooting and stabbing Andrew Boldt, 21, on Jan. 21. He did not speak to his motive, but that he went to the campus with the intention of killing Boldt

Cousins pled guilty without a deal in place in order to reserve the right to factor mental illness into his sentence.

“The ‘guilty but mentally ill’ will be argued at the sentencing Sept. 19,” Kirk Freeman, Cousins’ public defender, told the Courier.

Cousins cannot be found not guilty by reason of insanity, but a judge can take it into account when levying a sentence. Cousins faces 45 to 65 years, but if he exhibits an insufficient understanding of his crime, he may be able to receive mental treatment during his time in prison.