Push to ban critical race theory will foster division, not end it | #teacher | #children | #kids

If you’re worried about whether critical race theory is being taught in your kid’s school, here’s a little test you can give to find out if they are being indoctrinated or if you’re being gaslighted.

Ask them the following:

In a perfect world, it would be nice if they could answer all five questions correctly. But it’s more likely they got none of them right. That’s what makes the notion that critical race theory is being taught in our schools so utterly ridiculous.

Ohio legislators have introduced a pair of bills – House Bills 322 and 327 – that seek to restrict the teaching of concepts related to “race or sex” or topics that could be considered “divisive.” Never mind that critical race theory is a graduate-level legal study that educators and experts agree is not taught in K-12 schools. 

The Forest Hills School District school board begins a meeting, Wednesday, May 18, 2022, at Nagel Middle School in Anderson Township, Ohio.

Locally, an eastern Cincinnati suburban school district on Wednesday voted to ban critical race theory, intersectionality, identity and anti-racism curriculum from student instruction, staff training and hiring practices. Teachers in the Forest Hills School District can no longer give assignments that nudge students to consider their race, socioeconomic class, religion, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or culture as derogatory. They cannot force kids to “admit privilege of oppression” or to reflect, deconstruct or confront their identities, according to the “culture of kindness” resolution.

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