Push to reverse ‘alarming’ trend of COVID-19 cases so kids can return to school | #covid19 | #kids | #childern

City and county officials said it’s up to the public to follow the guidelines to keep things open and help stop the recent surge of COVID-19 cases in Adams County.

Adams County Public Health Administrator Jerrod Welch said people need to work to reverse what he calls an alarming trend in COVID-19 cases.

To do so, officials urge the importance of masking and social distancing.

They said when given the option to follow the guidelines or not, think about how it will help put the kids back in school.

There’s a push from health and city leaders to move forward and not back.

Amid a surge in COVID-19 cases in Adams County, Welch said think about the kids.

“In five weeks from now we are bringing our children back into school,” Welch said. “I have three of them. I don’t want them going back to this, so let’s fix it all together.”

Welch and Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore said people need to change their ways or in person learning may not be possible. ​

“We now need each person and family to review their social habits,” Moore said. “We want our kids to have the option to go to school.”​ ​

With the return to school scheduled for next month, officials urge everyone, including people at restaurants and retail businesses to wear a mask and start social distancing.​ ​

“From a developmental side, we absolutely want to give them the opportunity to have some normalcy in their lives, but we can’t do that without this sort of trending,” Welch said.

​He said masks should be required for all students and staff and face shields should only allowed in rare circumstances, such as for the hard of hearing who need sign language and to see lips. ​

Moore said if the county falls back and students aren’t able to return, it will impact everyone.​ ​

“There are going to be families who have to choose between going to work and educating their kid and that’s a choice I hope nobody has to make in our community,” Moore said.

School officials did not attend Wednesday’s briefing.

The school board president was set to address back to school guidance during a Friday briefing, but earlier Thursday night, QPS cancelled that planned briefing.

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