Raising ‘meanagers’: Curly questions about post-pandemic parenting answered | #parenting

Parents are being reminded they don’t need to be their teenage child’s best friends as they reconnect with their social networks post-lockdown.

Actress and mother of six Madeleine West began her podcast Meanagers with psychologist Angela Murray as a safe space for parents to ask their curly post-pandemic questions, including “I love my teen, but I don’t think I like them”.

“I think every parent out there has uttered [it] to themselves in their darkest moments, but never confessed to,” she told Deborah Knight.

“When we hit a brick wall as a parent we feel that any failures reflect badly on us, but at the end of the day we’re all just trying to do the best for our kids.

“We might not be able to guarantee happiness for them, but if … they’re healthy and they’re not sad we’re winning.”

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