Rashida Jones’ Simple Guide To Being A Thoughtful Feminist

Beautiful starfish Rashida Jones has a solid list of dos and don’ts for every feminist.

The “Angie Tribeca” and “Parks and Recreation” star shared these pointers in Glamour magazine’s June 2016 issue. For example, she thinks feminists should respect one another’s opinions, and should not think that their feminist issues are the only ones that exists. (Solid advice, Rashida.)

In the introduction to the piece, the Harvard grad wrote that she has always considered herself a feminist, but that, “as the movement evolved, I needed to evolve with it.” Jones also emphasized the importance of intersectionality, and how essential feminism is for “sex workers, trans women, immigrants, and women of color” — i.e. any women who are not white, wealthy, cisgender and straight.

She also wrote about her own shortcomings as a feminist and how important it is to be able to learn from your mistakes.

“I once wrote a tweet criticizing celebs who profited from their sex appeal,” Jones wrote, referring to this tweet from 2013. “In it I used the word whore in what I intended to be a tongue-in-cheek manner, and I really wish I hadn’t.”

Jones’ six “dos and don’ts” drive home the point that feminism is not a dirty word. She also advocates practicing smaller-scale, “every day” feminism, understanding that the movement is made up of more than your own identity politics, knowing the movement’s history, keeping an open and empathetic mind, and learning from past mistakes.

These all sound like solid guidelines for practicing feminism to us. Because, as Jones wrote: “As long as there’s systematic discrimination based on gender, we need feminism.”

Check out the full piece at Glamour here.  

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