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RICHMOND, Ind. — Darcy Talbot is still on a high from her Teacher of the Year Championship Experience, and it showed from her chirpy “Good evening” as she stepped up to the podium at Wednesday’s Richmond Community School Board meeting to share a few details about her trip to Indianapolis.

“The experience was truly a dream come true,” Talbot said. “I’m still hyped up about it.”

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As Richmond Community Schools’ 2020 Teacher of the Year, she was invited to fill out a questionnaire to apply for this experience, and she thought, “Well, it’s worth a shot.” Long story short, she got it.

Talbot comes from a football family; her father, Richard Bryant, was a football coach at Richmond High School 1981-2006, and he was inducted into the Indiana Football Hall of Fame in 2012. While she took her husband to Monday’s championship game as her plus-one, she was able to invite her dad to some of the daytime activities that day.

Leading up to the game, Talbot had a four-night stay at the Hampton Inn in Indianapolis, right down the street from where the state teachers of the year were staying.

“I felt like I was with celebrities,” she said.

Friday night she attended a welcome party, where Indiana Secretary of Education Katie Jenner was a guest speaker.

“Of course, I’m sitting there recording her because I teach fourth grade, and I’m like, ‘I have to show this to the kids,’” Talbot said.

Later that night, Talbot bumped into Jenner on the stairs and complimented her speech. Jenner took Talbot by both her hands and told her to find her later in the weekend so they could talk. Talbot fangirled, saying, “Oh my goodness” while describing the moment.

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