A Real World Lesson? World’s #1 Computer Hacker Speaks to High School Students about Cyber Crime

speech on cyber security

Atlanta, GA– CEO Gregory Evans discusses Cyber-bullying and Cyber-stalking during National Cyber Security Month.

High school students from Tucker High will be getting a “Real world” lesson today from one the best hackers, that has now taken his skills to build a profitable and successful legitimate business. President and CEO of LIGATT Security International, Gregory Evans. Evans is the nation’s premier hi-tech cyber security expert and is recognized as a leader in computer security, identity theft, cyber-stalking, cyber-bullying, computer hacking, cyber extortion, and hi-tech crime investigation.

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. According to the National Institute of Justice, the most common forms of stalking in the physical world involve threatening phone calls, vandalism of property, threatening mail and physical attacks. Stalkers can more comprehensively use the Internet in order to slander and endanger their victims.

A cyber stalker can communicate directly with their target as soon as the target computer connects in any way to the Internet. The only way to avoid the stalker is to disconnect the phone completely, and then reconnect with an entirely new number.

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According to www.stopcyberbulling.org, “Cyberbullying” is when a child, preteen or teen is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise targeted by another child, preteen or teen using the Internet, interactive and digital technologies or mobile phones. It has to have a minor on both sides, or at least have been instigated by a minor against another minor.

Children have killed each other and committed suicide after having been involved in a cyber-bullying incident. Cyber-bullying is usually not a one-time communication, unless it involves a death threat or a credible threat of serious bodily harm. Kids usually know it when they see it, while parents may be more worried about the lewd language used by the kids than the hurtful effect of rude and embarrassing posts.

Today from 9am -11am at Tucker High School, Gregory Evans will speak of these issues and advise teens about the negative and long lasting effects of these cyber crimes.