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Bride’s $500 wedding cake turns into a ‘baking fail’: ‘I would be in shambles’

Bride’s $500 wedding cake turns into a ‘baking fail’: ‘I would be in shambles’. A bride’s dream wedding cake quickly unfolded into a nightmare. When AG Wright and her wife were getting married the couple thought they would be getting what they paid for. Wright sent a bakery a photo of the wedding cake they wanted but when it arrived it was completely different. The cake was supposed to be inspired by a Martha Stewart Living editorial. The sleek architectural design consisted of three white tiers of cake but instead of the tiers being centered they skewed to one side for a more interesting effect. The somewhat minimalist cake also featured a soft green “paint stroke” design with a few white roses on green vines entwined around it. It was simple, elegant and unique. . But what Wright allegedly received was something else completely. The white cake had four tiers, all of them centered, with a pearl-like rim on the bottom. Instead of the regal brush strokes, they were more like random, chaotic green splatters. It was certainly not the cake that was requested and not a very pretty cake either. . “They’re kind of pushing back on giving me a refund. Like what?” Wright said in the comments. “I paid $550… so I def didn’t go the cheap route.”. But she did add that at the very least it was yummy, “It tasted great which we knew because we had tasted prior. But the design was just so so bad.” . People felt Wright’s pain and shared their sympathies in the replies. “I would be in shambles rocking back and forth on the floor. I can’t,” a user wrote. . “I’ve seen a lot of baking fails but this one takes the cake,” another said. . “Where is Nicole Byer at? Nailed it!” someone joked.

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