Region child molester’s convictions, 30-year sentence upheld by Indiana appeals court | Crime and Courts | #childabductors

Inside the Indiana Court of Appeals courtroom at the Indiana Statehouse.

A LaPorte man found guilty of repeatedly molesting a girl, beginning when she was 5 and continuing until age 12, received a fair trial and was appropriately sentenced to 30 years in prison, according to the Indiana Court of Appeals.

Timothy Hale, 37, challenged his 2019 convictions on four counts of child molesting and one count of child solicitation by arguing the testimony of child was “incredibly dubious,” and therefore insufficient to sustain his convictions, court records show.

According to former Indiana Chief Justice Randall Shepherd, sitting as a judge on the Court of Appeals for this case, the “incredible dubiosity rule” is applied very rarely, and only in cases where the testimony is so improbable no reasonable person could believe it.

“Stated another way, a defendant’s conviction may be reversed only where a sole witness presents inherently contradictory testimony which is equivocal or the result of coercion and there is a complete lack of circumstantial evidence of guilt,” Shepherd said.

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According to court records, Hale claimed inconsistencies between the girl’s trial testimony and her past statements concerning, among other things, the number of times she was touched by Hale, the terms she used to describe Hale’s position the first time he molested her, and the number of times she told her cousin about Hale touching her rendered the girl’s testimony incredibly dubious and insufficient as the basis for his conviction.

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