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  • Center has given permission to open schools in a phased manner from October 15, guidelines also issued
  • Schools have prepared the necessary infrastructure for the restoration of classes, but parents are not in the mood to send children
  • The central government announced the closure of all educational institutions on 16 March in the wake of the corona virus epidemic.

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Schools of Delhi-NCR are making various preparations to resume formal classes under the Kovid-19 guidelines. Concrete steps are being taken for the restoration of formal classes in a safe environment for the purpose of completing the syllabus. Schools are going to reopen after about 6 months. The Center has allowed schools to be opened in a phased manner from October 15. However, the Delhi government has announced the closure of schools till 31 October in view of the Corona epidemic. Meanwhile, according to different surveys, even if the schools are opened, the parents are not in a mood to send their children.

In the National Capital Region, some schools in NCR have been opened for students of classes IX to XII on elective basis so that students can take academic guidance. The NCR covers entire Delhi and some districts of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. Sangeeta Hajela, Principal of Delhi Public School, said, “The change in the mindsets of students, teachers and non-teaching staff is being affected by the frequent changes in the deadline for schools to reopen. We will fully support the government’s decision, but there is a need for perseverance between these new guidelines and notifications.

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The Center announced the closure of all educational institutions, including schools, colleges, universities, on 16 March to prevent the spread of the corona virus. On March 25, the government announced a nationwide lockdown. However, since June 8, many restrictions under ‘unlock’ have been gradually relaxed in a phased manner. However, till now educational institutions have been kept closed.

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Hajela said the infrastructure needed to restore formal classes, as well as the teaching staff, needs to be prepared accordingly. He said that only after a clear announcement from the government, the school will be able to take effective plans to conduct examinations and complete the syllabus.

Nidhi Bansal, Pro-Vice Chairperson, Pacific World School, said that this time is full of challenge for students and teachers. He said that students and teachers were used to classroom learning, but within a few days the entire framework was changed and formal classes were replaced by virtual learning platforms. Basel said reports of schools reopening are floating but no firm decision has been taken yet. Authorities have issued guidelines. We have expanded our infrastructure according to the Kovid-19 guidelines but an export timeline is required for schools to reopen. In the absence of this, confusion is occurring, affecting syllabus and academic calendar planning.

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Management of many schools says that even if the schools reopen, the parents are not in the mood to send their children now. So they are working on alternative plans. Alka Kapoor, Principal of Modern Public School, said that they had done a survey according to which 98 percent of the parents are not in the mood to send their children to school because they are afraid that children may be coronated.


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