Rethinking parenting with ‘The Wisdom Bridge’ by Daaji : The Tribune India | #parenting

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As parents, we have our own share of battles to fight all the time — often small, sometimes big ones. But how does one ‘prepare’ to parent or guide children through their lives? Despite bookshelves in the market teeming with helpbooks, it is said there is no textbook for parenting. Spiritual leader and author Kamlesh D Patel writes this book, ‘The Wisdom Bridge’, at a time when parenting has become even more challenging — a time when the modern world is encouraging materialism and value systems are on a downward slide.

Better known as Daaji to his followers, Patel, spiritual guide of the global Heartfulness movement, takes the focus away from ‘prepare’ and puts the spotlight back on ‘care’. Preparing seems like textbook upbringing to him, “an incomplete idea”. Care, on the other hand, includes nurturing the child spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. “Prepare pushes people to ‘do more, do more’, while care guides parents to ‘do what matters’,” he writes.

Through nine principles, that define the nine sections that the book is divided into, he aims to help today’s busy parents redo parenting. These principles are references for parents, parents-to-be, grandparents and caregivers to create fulfilling and happy lives. If nothing more, the book is sure to nudge parents to rethink their approach to parenting.

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