Reversing its Ruling: High School Team Allowed to Play Football (and all fall sports) | #coronavirus | #kids. | #children | #schools

Chalk up a win for the #LetThemPlay movement.

In early August, Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco ISD, a 2A Division I team,  became the first school to cancel their football season.  We wrote about it as part of a COVID-19 article here:

At the time the Badgers season was canceled, Ben Bolt Athletic Director, Garry Cunningham, said that playing football was “unrealistic.”  Last night, South Texas Football Unlimited broke the news, via Twitter, that Ben Bolt will resume their football season.  The ISD voted to resume all fall UIL activities by a 4-3 vote.

We do not yet know when they will take the field for their first game.  The Badgers do show a game on their schedule online, on October 8th, against Bishop, though we have not confirmed if that will be their first game or if that game is still set to take place.  However, it does look like Ben Bolt will be taking the field soon and we are happy for the players to be able to play ball.

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