Rigby Middle School Shooting in Idaho Injures 2 Students and a Custodian | #schoolshooting

A female student has been taken into custody after two students and a custodian were wounded in a shooting at an Idaho middle school, the Associated Press reports. Police say that early on Thursday morning, the sixth-grade girl pulled a handgun out of her backpack at school and began firing, before eventually being disarmed by a female teacher. The alleged shooter’s name has not been released. Two of the students shot have been hospitalized, and one may need surgery, officials say, though their injuries are not life-threatening. The adult who was shot has already been released after being treated for a bullet that went straight through one of their limbs. “Today we had the worst nightmare a school district could encounter. We had a school shooting here at Rigby Middle School,” said Chad Martin, Jefferson School District superintendent. “What we know so far is the shooter has been apprehended. There is no further threat to the students.” “I am praying for the lives and safety of those involved in today’s tragic events,” reads a statement from Idaho Gov. Brad Little. “Thank you to our law enforcement agencies and school leaders for their efforts in responding to the incident.”

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