Risks of teen ‘choking game’

WSFL News Update 03/31/11 10.59p Choking.


19 thoughts on “Risks of teen ‘choking game’

  1. Adriana Espinoza

    who in world would do this its sounds kul but it is not theirs a lot of
    kids and people tha have died by doing the choking game

  2. americanamexicano

    @100bonita100 how the fuck does a choking game sound cool? people like you
    is why there is so many stupid people in the damn world.

  3. taylorlikesonic101

    The choking game sounds stupid and crazy… Why would even people do this?
    I mean do they think thats funny killing teens & children?!?!?

  4. mark lebeda

    @bestwaffleg that’s ok, if i die tomorrow it won’t be from the choking
    game. it will be from a medium sized explosion caused by an enemy mortar.

  5. Lucii Varela

    yeah cause choking people is fun .. BITCH NO the game is so fucken stupid !
    people these days !