Romesh Ranganathan ‘agonises’ over his parenting | #parenting

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 24 March 2021

Romesh Ranganathan

Comedian Romesh Ranganathan has confessed to “agonising” about how he raises his three kids

Romesh Ranganathan “agonises” over how he parents his children.

The 42-year-old comedian – who has three kids, Alex, Charlie and Theo, with his wife Leesa – has admitted to worrying about his parenting skills, although he doesn’t take too kindly to criticism of his approach.

Appearing on Spotify Original podcast ‘Sorted with the Dyers’, he said: “Listen, I ask lots of questions about how I parent, I worry about it, and you agonise over it, and that’s fine for me to do that, and it’s fine for Leesa and myself to do that.

“If somebody else dared suggest, I’d completely understand why you’d lose your s*** about that.”

Romesh doesn’t agree with people who try to impose their own brand of parenting on other people.

He said: “Whatever the circumstance, don’t tell people how they should parent their kids. Everyone has got their own way of doing it, and let’s be absolutely honest: most of us think everyone is doing it terribly.

“When you’ve gone round to dinner at somebody else’s place, and you’ve left, and you see how they are with their kids. Guaranteed on the way back, you say, ‘Did you see how she dealt with that?’ ”

The comedian also revealed why he uses Romesh as his stage name, when his first name is actually Jonathan.

The stand-up star – who is of Sri Lankan descent – said: “The thing with my name is that my mum and dad called me Romesh, but Romesh is actually my middle name. Because they wanted my name to be Romesh, and that’s what they called me around the house, but because they were worried about me assimilating into British culture, my first name is actually Jonathan.

“So when I went to school on the register’s name and on my birth certificate it is Jonathan Romesh Ranganathan. I said to my mum and dad, ‘Why did you do this?’ And they go, ‘Just to help you fit in,’ and I go, ‘People still know that I’m Asian!’ ”

‘Sorted with the Dyers’ is a Spotify Original podcast with new episodes out every Wednesday.

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