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AUGUSTA — All city events scheduled for this summer have been canceled due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19.

Those events include the Aug. 15 Girls Day Out and cruise-in, the Aug. 22 Junkfest, Sept. 18 Swingtime by the River and the Sept. 25-27 Battle of Augusta.

During the Augusta City Council meeting on Wednesday, Mayor Michael Taylor said he has been asked if Heritage Days will continue.

According to Taylor, Heritage Days is planned by the Augusta Rotary Club. A representative with the Rotary Club said a decision will be made next month.

“I was asked about three weeks ago if the event will still be held,” he said. “If we should have Heritage Days and a car show, you’re probably looking at 3,000 to 4,000 people here.”

Taylor said the city does have the authority to refuse to allow an event to happen within the city limits.

Taylor said if things continue the way they are currently, there may even be a possibility of canceling the Christmas parade.

“I can’t tell you right now,” he said. “When you have eight people in a month testing positive — to me, that’s a spike. Our job is to protect our community, whether they like it or not — that’s the way it’s got to be.”

According to Taylor, he has also spoken with the Augusta Volunteer Fire Department about fireworks that were supposed to be set off on Labor Day weekend.

“They probably won’t be able to set off the fireworks and they understand that,” he said.

Taylor is also requesting patrons wear masks when inside businesses.

“Respect the mask,” he said. “If you come inside my business, you have to wear a mask until you’re inside. You can take it off to eat, drink, etc., but I’m asking people to follow that for all businesses. There are penalties out there. If someone files a claim, they investigate. It could go to the Kentucky Labor Cabinet and a person can lose their license.”

Other area events that have been canceled include:

— The Maysville Oktoberfest.

— The Mason County Two-Bridge Run.

— The Simon Kenton Festival.

— The Germantown Fair is still scheduled, but there will be no carnival.

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