S.F. elementary school principal used a racial epithet in a discussion with students, angering parents | #students | #parents

A San Francisco elementary school principal’s use of a racial epithet, while speaking to students about the word being used during a fight, angered some parents and stirred a new controversy for the school district over race and language.

Carol Fong, the principal at Ulloa Elementary in the city’s Outer Sunset district, acknowledged in a letter sent to parents Tuesday that she used the “N-word” in a discussion with fifth graders to explain a lunch period fight they had witnessed between two students in January in which the slur was reportedly said.

A parent filed a complaint and the school district launched an investigation, Fong said in her letter. She did not disclose the result of the investigation, but said she is moving forward as principal to unite and heal the school community. A district spokesperson did not confirm the investigation or say whether discipline resulted.

“I am truly sorry that the use of the N-word has caused harm to this community. I understand that the word is toxic to our families and it triggers horrific experiences for some,” Fong said in the letter. “It is a harmful word used to demean a whole group of people by the color of their skin. I am aware that I have made a mistake and I would like to sincerely apologize for this action.”

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