Safaree Drops Truth On The Fake And Shallow Materialism Culture Of Social Media | #socialmedia | #children

Written by Ann Brown

Safaree Samuels
Safaree Drops Truth On The Fake And Shallow Materialism Culture Of Social Media Photo: Recording artist Safaree Samuels seen at The Shade Room’s “Shades of Eden” 1st Anniversary Celebration at a private mansion on June 4th, 2016, in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Arnold Turner/Invision/AP)

Reality TV star and hip-hop artist Safaree Samuels went to social media recently to complain about social media. 

In a March 23 post on Instagram, the “Love & Hip Hop” star candidly wrote about the adverse effects of social media. Samuels reposted a quote from bodybuilder CLB Jody about how comparing oneself to others can be detrimental and that money and material items don’t equate to success, Hot 97 reported.

CLB Jody’s quote said, “Social media got 22-year-olds wanting to off themselves cause they don’t make 6 figures and drive a 7 series. S–t is terrible.”

Samuels added, “Got Women thinking if you can’t afford a Chanel bag, you are doing bad in life and offer them nothing. Got dudes thinking a good 9-5 is slavery. Nobody likes their body, nobody like their home. Just a mass group of people wanting what others have. Or pretend to have.”

Samuels captioned the upload, “I loved my childhood.. y’all new kids in ya teens and 20’s got alotta pressure on y’all for sh*t that ain’t real!” 

While Samuels did receive positive feedback from his post, some respondents called out hypocrisy on his part. 

One Twitter user pointed out that the 39-year-old Samuels showcased his apparent wealth when he uploaded a photo of himself last November standing in front of an orange Rolls-Royce and said that he is single. The married father of one captioned the upload “BACHELOR Ending 2020 right.” He tagged the TV show “Divorce Court” while revealing details about his troubled marriage to wife Erica Mena, Atlanta Black Star reported. 

A few days later, Samuels went to Twitter to complain about social media. On April 1, he posted, “Social media isn’t so social.”

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