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HARRISBURG, Pa. — A lactation cookie stand for nursing mothers is going the extra mile, giving some parents peace of mind.

“No one expects to lose their kid. No one wants to lose their kid, but let’s be real, sometimes it happens,” said Maureen Berezank, Pennsylvania Farm Show attendee.

Maureen Berezank says she stumbled across the ‘Bessie’s Best Lactation Cookie’s’ stand, where they also happen to be giving out free safety bracelets all week for children in the case they get lost.

“I actually think its awesome," said Berezank. "Its so easy to lose your kid when they go one direction. They see a cow, they see an animal or something that catches their attention,” she added.

“When they come out here and fill out the wristlet, they have that discussion with their child, that ok, if this happens, all you do is show this bracelet and then have them call the number,” said Sierra Martin, operations manager at Bessie’s Best Lactation Cookie’s.

In addition to showcasing their brand and providing a private and relaxing environment for moms amid the chaos, Sierra Martin says they also wanted to provide a sense of safety for parents and their children.

“It just gets the discussion started and then they have a plan of action if it were to happen,” added Martin.

All you have to do is find an information booth, ask for a bracelet, write your phone number on it and place it on your child’s wrist.

“Security, the troopers, they all know to look for the wristband and they’ll call the number that is provided, so as long as they can reach you, they’ll call that number,” said Martin.

And the cost?

“Take as many as you need! Come back if it falls off, they are free, we are just here that if your child is lost that they have something,” said Martin.

“It`s nice to be able to have that security that you know someone can cut off the bracelet and know who to call,” added Berezank.