Safety Town brings important message to kids

55b1538521074.imageWhat would you do if…?

That question was posed in a variety of ways and for a range of topics this week as part of the annual Safety Town program held at Hocking College.

Nearly three dozen kids age 4-6 took part in the four-day program which taught them about safety in situations ranging from riding a bicycle and playing on the playground to animals and poison safety.

What would you do if a stranger knocked on your door or tried to get you to go with them? What would you do if you saw a gun? What would you do if you were riding your bike and needed to cross the street?

Sending an important message to the kids was also mixed with a lot of fun activities, including a trip to the horse barn and the playground.

The animal activities were a favorite among many of the kids.

Thursday’s visit by Athens County Sheriff’s Office canine Ijo was a favorite for Tifani and Taylor, while Jordan liked the horses.

For Abigail, the best part of the week was the playground, and Cecilia was excited about the graduation program to take place later on Thursday.

The girls also liked the snakes, particularly the striped one.

While it may seem like all fun and games, the participants were able to take away valuable knowledge that can help them in the future.

The kids recalled the poem they were taught earlier in the week about poison safety and not touching or tasting something even if it looked or smelled good without first asking an adult if it was safe.

A gun safety song also told kids not to mess with guns and instead to tell an adult.

Athens County Sheriff Rodney Smith was among those helping to convey the message to the kids, reading them the book Dinosaurs Beware. The book covered everything from having a list of important numbers in case of an emergency to warnings about hot stoves and heaters. It also showed kids the need to wear seat belts, first aid, and that you can use mud or ice to help with a bee sting.

The program throughout the week included visits from Athens County EMS, the Athens County Sheriff’s Office, Nelsonville Fire Department, Hocking College Police Department and many others.

Source: The Athens Messenger