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SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio nurse feared the worst for her children after she and her husband tested positive for COVID-19. Diana Hernandez said it was a difficult reality to face.

“We brought the virus home,” said Hernandez.

The mother of four began to show symptoms of the virus after her husband tested positive in June. Hernandez learned she had also contracted the virus.

She said by the time her husband recovered, her children then began to show symptoms.

“I couldn’t even move from bed. I told him, ‘You need to go get them tested,‘” she said.

Her two older children, both 16-years-old and 10-years-old, tested positive but Hernandez did not have her two younger children tested due to their age.

Her 5-year-old child did not show any symptoms but her 8-month-old child had a short lived fever. However, Hernandez believes they still may have had the virus.

Dr. Mandy Svatek is a local pediatrician, and she said less than 50% of children will experience a fever but most may not show many symptoms.

“Fever is not an end all. They may have only one symptom or they may have combined symptoms,” Dr. Svatek said.

She said the majority of children diagnosed with COVID-19 will recover quickly. She recommends parents monitor their young ones if they began to experience a cough or upset stomach.

Dr. Svatek urges parents to quarantine their children if they test positive.

“We don’t know who it’s going to hit harder than others and we are still seeing deaths,” she said.

Data from the city shows 2% of hospitalizations are people under the age of 19. Despite the number being low, Dr. Svatek said it’s important parents let their children know they can slow the spread.

“They’ll understand that they don’t want to be spreading this and making anyone sicker,” said Dr. Svatek.

Hernandez and her family have recovered but she warns other parents to take their children’s health into consideration.

“They got that because we got them exposed,” she said.

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