Sand Springs Public Schools reports 171 COVID-19 infections — a 163% increase over previous week | News | #coronavirus | #kids. | #children | #schools

“It’s just so contagious.”

The alarming increases in cases at Northwoods and the ECEC aren’t outliers, either.

Angus Valley Elementary School rose from five cases to 22, a 440% increase; Pratt Elementary School saw its cases increase by 350%, from two to seven; and infections were up at Garfield STEAM Academy by 300%, from three cases to nine.

The two largest school sites reported some of the smaller increases in infections.

Clyde Boyd Middle School and the Sixth Grade Center went from 21 cases the previous week to 47, a 224% increase, and Charles Page High School and the Freshman Academy saw a 170% increase in cases, from 23 to 39.

Limestone Technology Academy, the smallest of the district’s five elementary schools, saw its infections rise by one — from five to six, a 120% increase.

In a rare point of good news, infections were static at one at Page Academy and at zero at the Virtual Academy.

In terms of positivity percentage — the number of people at a given school site who have tested positive for COVID-19 — Northwoods again led the way, at 5.6%, followed by Angus Valley at 4.8%, Clyde Boyd Middle School and the Sixth Grade Center at 4.1%, and the Early Childhood Education Center at 3.9%.

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