Sandy Hook Promise Releases Jarring Back-to-School Video | #schoolshooting

NATIONWIDE — The group “Sandy Hook Promise” has released a shocking PSA-style video in light of a recent Washington Post story reporting that there have been at least 230 school shootings since the Columbine massacre in 1999.

Since then, the U.S. has endured mass shootings across the country, including Virginia Tech; Parkland, Florida; and of course, Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, where 26 people died, 20 of them children.

Sandy Hook Promise, an advocacy group that raises awareness of the epidemic of school shootings in America, recently promoted a new “back to school” video that some have found jarring, though others say it sends a strong message.

It features students talking about new back-to-school items, such as jackets, socks, and a smartphone, and how they are used — all while using a school shooting as a backdrop.

On social media, some said it’s too shocking and should be taken down. Supporters of the video say that’s just why people should watch it.


WARNING: The video is graphic in nature as it relates to a school shooting and could be disturbing to some people.

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