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Thank you, Zach Justus, for his letter about the recent “Save the Children,” rally in Chico. As someone who works in Child Welfare, I was initially curious and then disturbed when a quick Internet search revealed that the movement is associated with QAnon conspiracy theories.

Child abuse and neglect are very real problems.  The 60,000 children in foster care in California is one measure of the problem. Children are sexually abused and exploited most often by people they live with or whom their parents trust. These children are vulnerable to re-victimization, such as being sex trafficked.  Less than one percent of missing children are abducted by strangers.

There are many ways to helping children right here in Butte County.  Support policies that help move people out of poverty.  Donate to organizations that support families, children and youth at risk, such as the 6th Street Center or the Esplanade House. Seek out volunteer opportunities.  Consider becoming a foster parent.   Simply being a friend to a vulnerable family in your neighborhood or in your church or school community can make a world of difference.

What doesn’t help is spreading these conspiracy theories that play to peoples fears and exploits the very real issue of child abuse.   I am honestly disappointed in the Enterprise-Record for promoting “Save or Children,” without doing some basic research.  I would hope our local paper would strive to be a better role model in this age of rapidly spreading conspiracy theories.

— Hilary Locke, Chico

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