School board owes the people an explanation for the firing of Wooten | #schoolshooting

To the editor,

On the morning of Sept. 10, I read that the Robeson County school board fired Shanita Wooten this week. All I know is what I read, that the superintendent was fired and temporarily replaced with Loistine DeFreece.

I realize that HR laws limit release of certain personnel information. In this case, it seems that the school board should have prepared a public statement with at least a general reason for Ms. Wooten’s release. Clearly, they knew ahead of time that her firing was a possibility.

Perhaps they released Ms. Wooten because of incompetence. Maybe she committed fraud. Was she mishandling the COVID-19 situation? Or she was on the wrong side of the board’s politics? These are pure speculations on my part because the board didn’t give us any information.

If Ms. Wooten was fired for incompetence or fraud, why is she receiving nine months of future pay? If not, why did the board fire her in the midst of this already messy school year?

My concern isn’t just about Ms. Wooten. It’s also about the board and how it makes these major and expensive decisions. I don’t have a personal interest in this issue, but I think our county is owed an explanation by those we voted in to make such important decisions.

Mary Storms


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